Online florist GARDEN SHOP offers the delivery of the flower arrangements, potted flowers etc. to the specified address.

By excepting the order, florist GARDEN SHOP is obliged to deliver ordered product to the specified time and place. Also, we remain our right to deliver 60 minutes sooner or later.

GARDEN SHOP will deliver the flowers to the person stated by purchaser. In case the stated person is not on the address flowers can be receiver by anyone else there, if they want to, ofcourse.

After the delivery, GARDEN SHOP will inform you via phone or SMS about the delivery. You should make sure to be available at the time we schedule the delivery, in case of any complications.

Following situations:

– person you are sending flowers to refuses to receive them
– address and delivery info are incorrect
– receiver is not on the address and persons there do not want to take over the arrangement

Florist is, due to higher forces, unable to deliver as previously arranged. Purchaser will be notified about the problem and if not solved, the arrangement will be considered delivered.

You can take the flowers on your own in the next 24h since you receive the information.

Visit our ON-LINE SHOP or call us + 381 11 3233820, +381 64 151 23 42.