Phone call

Call us and experience professionalism and helpfulness of our employees.
Order any of our pre-made products from our web presentation or tell us in detail your wishes and ideas and we will do everything we can to create arrangement you have imagined. We will also agree on the necessary delivery data and payment (learn about different ways of payment in the following text). Orders are accepted at least 24h before expected delivery.
In certain cases payment and delivery can be realized in the same day.

On-line (using an online form)

If you have decided on ordering this way it is necessary to click onto the on-line shop and choose one of offered arrangements. Each one of them has its own price, reference number and short description. When you find the one/ones you would like to order just click “add to cart”. Arrangement is in your cart. Later on, if you have finished your shopping just click “Cart” in the upper right corner and then go to “Check Out”. Fill in all marked information and choose payment method. You have successfully made an order. You will automatically receive an e-mail with the order confirmation and its status.

Payment methods

Card payment: Quickest and easiest way of payment is by credit/debit card through US company, 2Checkout, one of the leaders in the market. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is international authorized service for electronic payment and Garden Shop has a signed contract considering electronic payment via credit cards and other methods covered by services and are standard in the online shopping.
During your shopping, if you choose this option, you will be redirected to a safe and reliable website for online payment You will need minimum information to realize payment and simply pay online what you have previously chosen in the online shop. had a turnover of over 250 million dollars in 2007 and it is completely safe. We don’t have any information about your credit card number or any of your information.
You can use this option also from Serbia but you have to have internationally available credit card like Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard etc. Of course, you have to have needed amount to cover the expenses you have just made!

Paying from other countries: We recommend Western Union – money transfer as the way of payment. Money is transferred just a few minutes after you pay. Western Union uses high tech electronic technology and unique worldwide computer network for immediate transfers in over 195 countries. Western Union employees are right where you need them: in banks, post offices, pharmacies, shops, supermarkets, railroad stations, airports and other places. Most of the places have very convenient working hours, even during weekend. Over 225 000 places make Western Union biggest world money transfer network. You receive information about the payment by filling in an online form on our website, sending direct e-mail or phone call. It is necessary to let us know the Money Transfer Control No. which you receive when you deposit the money. Fiscal bill will be delivered via mail to your address.

Payment from Serbia: One of the most secure and quickest ways of transferring money in Serbia is by electronic PostNet payment. When you order your flowers (by telephone, online form or by sending an e-mail), you receive information on filling in the PostNet money order. After paying in one of the counters that support PostNet electronic money transfer, let us know the number of the money order so we can check the validity in the Post office for our own safety and then we will deliver your flowers. Fiscal bill will be delivered via mail to your address.

General payment slip: There is another option of money transfer in Serbia – money transfer to a personal account via general payment slip (how to fill in the general payment slip) in any bank or post office. Payment should be made to the account no. 265 – 1750310000706 – 16 , receiver is Cvećara Rajski cvet. In case you want the flowers delivered the same day after the payment is made, send us a scan of the slip to . Fiscal bill will be delivered via mail to your address.

For companies: Paying via invoice is possible and if that’s your preferred method please contact us on following phone numbers: + 381 11 3233 820 i +381 64 151 23 42 and we will send you proforma invoice as soon as possible.

For any other information, please contact us via e-mail